Kool-Aid Yarn Party!

18 Jun

Saturday was a day filled with knitting, it was amazing.  I spent my late morning at the downtown LYS, Dancing Sheep Yarn & Fiber for their celebrating of World Wide Knit in Public Day.  There are currently two LYS in town, and this one is by far my favorite, I love the cozy downtown atmosphere and the people are always warm and welcoming to crafters of all sorts.  And their yarn is just what a good yarn snobs needs, natural fibers and some of my favorite brands, Blue Sky Alpaca, Debbie Bliss,  Cascade, and so much more that I can’t recall 🙂

While at the Dancing Sheep I knit a few more inches of my Lace Tank, which is still taking forever, but the time I finish it might be too cold to enough.

After my Knit in Public adventure, I got ready for my Kool-Aid Yarn Party with a couple of my friends that I taught to knit.

Here is a quick slideshow from that day 🙂

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Yarn Overload!

15 Jun

So it’s possible I went overboard with the yarn shopping since my last post, here’s what I got:

1 skein (400 yards) Art Yarn Ensemble Light in Astro Pop, bought from www.craftsy.com:  Going to be one or two Age of Brass scarves for 4th of July

4 skiens of Malabrigo Lace in Hollyhock, bought from www.craftsy.com:  Okay I admit there aren’t any plans for these beauties yet, but when I see Malabrigo on Sale I get it because I love it that much.

2 skiens of Cascade 220 in Yellow and 1 skein in Orange for Susan B. Anderson’s Giraffe Pattern (I signed up for the online class on www.craftsy.com, yarn bought from my LYS, The Dancing Sheep

1 skein of Cascade 220 in a Blue Heather bought from my LYS and will be a pair of thick socks

2 skeins of KnitPicks Swish DK in Squirell Heather bought online, I wanted to make a pair of gloves with this yarn, but recently saw the pattern for Sirle by Suvi Simola on Ravelry, and decided that I might want to make that instead

And the rest of the yarn is from KnitPicks Ternion Knee-High Socks Kit which makes these 3 socks:

So I sure have a lot on my plate.  I am currently working on finishing up some Father’s Day Socks for my step-dad, and then I will finish up my mother’s Age of Brass scarf before beginning something else.  The lace tank is hibernating until I am motivated again.


When did June get here?!

7 Jun

Bought some more yarn that will eventually be made into a few items for the shop this fall.  In addition to these goodies from KnitPicks, I bought 6 skeins of Bare Wool of the Andes Bulky for some Kool-Aid Dying next weekend with some friends.  It is tough to knit in the summer I have decided, there is just so much going on to try to get everything done, so a kool-aid yarn dying party is a perfect way to play in some yarn and still enjoy friends and the beautiful weather.

I feel like I am still behind on my knitting projects but I did finish a cowl I knit from some fingering weight yarn bought at Gypsy Wool in Boulder, CO in April.  It took me about 2 months.  It is just a simple 1×1 ribbing on size 7 circs.  it turned out to be a great simple piece for when it gets colder.  I haven’t really blocked it yet but here is the “recipe”

The Pattern:    Lilac Wine

The Yarn:    Gypsy Wools Prime Alpaca (1 skein approx. 332 yards)

The Needle:   29 inch #7 circular Addi Turbos

I am also still knitting away on my lace tank using the Nyanen Tee  pattern by Cecily Glowik MacDonald.  I have gotten to the armpits and have started working the front piece flat for a few inches.  I am not very good at knitting the same project for more than a few weeks so I am trying to get over feeling burnt out on that project by fitting in smaller ones (like an Age of Brass scarf for my Mom) to try to make it a little less of a struggle.  I love the IDEA of knitting large items, but I am much more a “project knitter” I want something quick enough for me to both enjoy to process and the end result.

The current plan for new items this fall at the shop will be more baby items, small blankets, maybe some socks/booties and tiny cardis.  I am also going to strive to have a few more mittens, fingerless mitts and berets for later this year as well…. now I just have to get to knitting 🙂


New stitch markers

18 May

It is a wonderfully rainy May day today and I was pleasantly surprised by my package of new stitch markers that arrived in the mail. I bought them from Seeking Sanity my all time favorite etsy store for stitch markers


I got three different sizes, small in a cute coral color, medium in flat purple, and large in green glass, I love them 🙂 they were inexpensive and they are very beautiful to see while you knit.

I was very excited to add them to my mini tool box made out of an altoids small ton box. These little ton boxes are awesome!


Now I just have to put them to use. As for an update on what’s in my needles, still working on my lace tank but it is slow progress, but it is better than no progress at all 🙂


May Already!

1 May

May sure snuck up on me! I have been knitting like crazy and feel like I haven’t gotten too much done.  I know every knitter has had this same thought: “I need to learn how to knit in my sleep”, but I have been keeping busy, and seeing results, so I am not sure where this feeling of unproductivity has come from, maybe the same place the feeling of April just whizzing by 🙂

We found out that my family member who was expecting is having a little girl, and I am super excited to be knitting wee little things!  I knit up the Vertebrae Cardi in some new yarn from my LYS, The Dancing Sheep, it is called Smooshy from Dream in Color, and the color I used was called Great Peach.  It is a fingering weight yarn in adorable peach, pink, and orange colors, and though a bit if a hit to my pocket book at $23 -ish I got plenty of yarn in some great colors and machine washable!  The hank is enough to knit up two of the vertebrae cardi, something I will definitely keep in mind because I loved knitting it.

I also decided that since I had enough yarn I would knit up some matching socks. (the colors are a little off, but you get the idea)

I have also been slowly working on a cowl out of the yarn I bought recently while in Boulder, CO for a concert.  There is a great little Yarn Store called Gypsy Wools that hand dye and hand spin their yarn so of course I had to figure out how to stop in, especially when it was right next to our hotel.   I walked away with 3 hanks:

I got a worsted weight skien of “XF Merino/Alpaca” , in a beautiful magenta, A blue Lace weight “Pony” and a Sport weight “Prime Alpaca” in a purple gray which is currently on the needles as the Lilac Wine Cowl , but it is taking me awhile to finish it, so I keep bouncing between that and other projects.  I also finally recieved my yarn bowl that was suppose to be my Christmas Present, ended up arriving 6 months after ordered, but I have to admit, it’s beautiful.  My sister and brother- in-law found it on etsy, but unfortunately I don’t know which seller.

I also just cast on last night for the Nyanen Tee, in malabrigo lace cinnamon orange color, hoping it turns out close to the beautiful image she has for it



So there is quite a bit going on, but will admit that I need to do some serious knitting for the shop, I am thinking I need to cast on something quick like a couple of berets or mittens and just get them knocked out for the fall.

Planning Baby Knit Gifts

13 Apr

I haven’t really knit a lot of babies, mainly because I don’t have and kids of my own and all my friends and family started having children before I had begun knitting, or got skilled (or brave) enough to knit wee baby things.  I have been looking at a few patterns in the hope of one day being about to gift some hand made items to friends or family, here are my favorites right now for baby knits ( I think I am secretly hoping someone has a boy)

Ribbed Baby Jacket by Debbie Bliss

Chompers by Carey Huffman

I think paired with some cute monster themed onsies there is a possibility for a great little outfit for a little boy.  Of course the colors could be modified to fit a little girl too 🙂

I absolutely love the below pairing! I love the little tie boy’s shirts I keep seeing.

Newborn Vertebrae by Kelly Brooker

 And of course there are a TON of knitted baby hats and socks on Ravelry, here are my two favorites:


Leafy Newborn Beanie by Justyna Lorkowska

Cozy Little Toes by Judy Kaethler

Spring Cleaning Bug Begins

9 Apr

My stash is in some need of organizing.   I don’t think my husband is going to enjoy the state of our living room as I organize and catalog all the yarn.  I need to sit down and assign and plan yarn to projects, and try with everything in my power NOT TO BUY YARN.   Now I am understanding how these things can get out of hand.  Here is how my organizing has started:


I have already donated to my mother’s yarn stash by giving her some of the yarn I will probably never use.  I think I should brain storm some projects to use up my scraps too.  So there will be more coffee cozies and odds and ends when I open the shop again this fall.

Which reminds me…. I need better planning for shop items to knit this summer… sounds like I have my work cut out for me 🙂