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Why haven’t I been blogging?

16 Jan

I have recently not just been away from blogging, but my knitting life was put on pause for a few months… why? ¬†well in mid November me and the husband found out that we were pregnant (well mostly me) but between morning sickness and exhaustion, when I wasn’t at work I was sleeping or just on the couch not feeling up to doing anything.

Here is the first official baby picture of Baby T. at 11 weeks taken on December 26th, 2012.

Baby T at 11 weeks

Baby T at 11 weeks

I have always been one that when I see someone else’s ultrasound pictures I have no idea what I am looking at and sometimes don’t know what the big deal is, and I am sure that is going to be the case here because you can’t see the head, but I promise it is a baby ūüôā

I am currently 14 weeks, and I have only recently started to feel better and so there is hope that I will yet again pick up my needles and knitting regularly, I will do my best to keep the blog as updated as possible.


New Skills

6 Nov

I have been busily learning new things in knitting that has¬†re-energized¬†me and motivated me into knit like there was no tomorrow. ¬†I didn’t realize how much of a knitting rut, or the knitters¬†equivalent¬†to¬†writer’s¬†block ¬†I was experiencing until I got my fire back. ¬†What started it was signing up to take a Christmas Stocking class so that I could learn stranded color work. ¬†I have been mostly YouTube taught, but this was a particular skill that I decided having a physical instructor there would greatly benefit me. ¬†After spending about $86.00 on the class fee and supplies (WAY too high in my¬†opinion) I have made incredible progress. ¬†

I am currently working on the heel and will be completely finished November 18th (the last day of class) I am glad that I went with some non-traditional colors and have learned alot…..and am utterly in love with colorwork!

Love of Colorwork + Ravelry+ Credit Card= TROUBLE

I have purchased a couple of knitting colorwork books: 1000 Great Knitting Motifs by Luise Roberts and Alice Staremore’s Charts for Color Knitting. ¬†The former of these were used in our class, for all but my Reindeer, ¬†I found it on e-bay for $4. ¬†The later another woman in the class was using and I fell in love so I bought it with a yarn order on ¬†I haven’t received them yet, so can’t really give a decent review, never having done a legit book review maybe I will give it a shot.

In addition to adding to my library… I of course have planned out future projects. ¬†I might have mentioned these a time or two but these patterns are moved up on my To-Knit list:

Mini Christmas stockings to put in my X-mas Cards to close family and friends this year and….

Argyle Knee-High Socks

I am loving my new skill and am feeling very much like a knitting rockstar these days.  And to top it off I have a couple of potential knitting custom orders that I am looking forward to creating as well and I am feeling more than ready to tackle it all!!!

Trip to the Alpaca Ranch

24 Sep


Went to a local Alpaca Ranch with my mother (who snapped the above picture of me) and my knitting¬†friend¬†Michelle on Saturday. ¬†The Ranch is called Sungate Alpaca Ranch and is just a few miles out of town they were having an “Open Ranch” to allow the community to come out and check out, and learning about, ¬†their Alpaca. ¬†They were amazing about teaching everyone about what it means to raise alpaca, so good ¬†in fact that my mother is thinking she wants to get a couple for herself (which is FINE by me).

While there we enjoyed some Alpaca-shaped sugar cookies, made a little alpaca magnet, and shopped in their amazing little store ūüôā I am so glad that we went it was a great experience, nothing like getting up close and personal with the source of some great fiber

Here are some of the pictures that I snapped of the fun guys (I am pretty sure all these are of the males, they were more fun)

Sovak (sp?) was told that he was named after Spock’s father.


I think this one is Gunsmoke I bought some of his fiber, and the gray one in the back is Max, their only gray, I bought a skein of his fiber as well

They kept calling this guy “Don”…he likes to give kisses

very close, and not so great picture of Gunsmoke, he was looking for some food

This multi-colored fellow is Carlos


Here is the fiber that I bought, (from left to right) Roxy Hart, Maximo “Max”, and Gunsmoke


Hello Fall

21 Sep

Tomorrow marks the first day of fall and we are feeling it here in Wyoming.  Luckily the colder weather has helped with the wild fires in the area, there has been a fire ban all summer which really gotten in the way of enjoying a glass of wine in our backyard while watching a warm fire.

The colder weather is making my hand practically itch with the need to knit anything and everything, I think that is how my body prepares for the winter¬†hibernation¬†that is to come. ¬†I am still in “knit down my stash” mode and so far it is working little by little. ¬†I fished a beautiful and soft alpaca hat out of the yarn I bought at the farmers market. ¬†The pattern is “Slouchy Bubbles” on Ravelry

Also finished is the lace tank I literally knit ALL SUMMER….and it turned out pretty small for me, it fits like a muscle tank so there are currently no pictures, but it is still hanging in my closet.

What is on the needles right now?

Well after telling myself I wouldn’t do multiple projects at once…I started casting on for multiple projects at once, I think I have two parts of my brain…the logical part, and the obsessive knitter side that wants to just knit anything and everything.

I started trying to knit myself a pair of podster mittens from Glenna C.’s Pattern on Ravelry, it did not go well…


I loved the yarn color variation, it is a Paton’s Kroy sock yarn, but it is has been sitting in my stash for so long I lost the tag that tells me the color way :). ¬†Not sure if anyone can tell from this picture, but the thumb¬†gusset¬†instructions didn’t make a lick of since to me and the thumb and the mitten ended up WAY too big. ¬†So I angrily frogged the whole thing and and haven’t looks at the yarn or the pattern since because I am still pouting about the whole thing.

Just a couple of days ago I picked up my DPN’s and decided to knit up some socks using the “Socks for the Deputy Headmistress” pattern, I am still on the cuff, but I am excited how they will turn out. ¬†I am knitting them out of a cascade 220 sport weight in a light gray so that the stitches are tighter, but at the same time my gauge is a few stitches wider than that is called for, I am hoping slightly bigger than the ones from the pattern that I think were knit to fit a 5.5 size foot, and my feet are 9.5, that is the part that is a bit of a wild card. ¬†I hope they fit, it would make me sad if they didn’t.

I also have a wide and soft scarf out of malabrigo on the needles from the Joyeux Noel pattern, and at the rate I am going, they will be done around Christmas ūüôā I tend to loose steam on large projects if you haven’t noticed, but isn’t the cabled pattern pretty?

I think that should catch everyone up for now on what I am crafting right now.  Hope to blog again very very soon.

Local Fiber and Events!!

20 Aug

I have learned that living in Wyoming, which has quite a bit of ranches, there really aren’t any big “fiber¬†festivals”. ¬†At least, if there are any they aren’t advertised very much in my area. ¬†It would be really nice to see one large fiber festival that brings together the ranches statewide and really show case the fiber arts here. ¬†Currently, the closest one that is coming up is in Scotts Bluff Nebraska, the Scotts Bluff Valley Fiber Arts Fair, which is Friday September 14th and Saturday September 15th this year. ¬†I have never been to a fiber festival, but it would really like to go and see what they are all about.

In my area there is a local Alpaca ranch, Sun Gate¬†Alpacas, ¬†that I usually only see when they come into town for our local Farmer’s Market¬†to sell yarn, roving…ect. ¬†This year I bought an adorable woven scarf, and a great¬†skein¬†of Alpaca yarn that shows pictures of the alpaca they came from. ¬†They are having an “open house” type of thing on September 22nd with events for the kiddos, I think I will be stopping by to check out their alpaca and browse their shop to support the local fiber as much as I can.

I recently also learned about a Fiber Mill in Buffalo, Wyoming that processes wool fiber from around the state thanks to Open Spaces on Wyoming Public Radio. ¬†It is called Mountain Meadow Wool¬†and according to the what I heard, all their yarns and fibers tell you where in the state it came from. ¬†This place is¬†definitely¬†on my radar, I have already favorited/liked¬†them on Facebook and Ravelry and am doing my best to get the word out. ¬†It is important for our state, that has communities so spread out across our big state, to keep things local, so often things are done out of state because we just don’t have the resources, so I am just loving that there is one local Mill that I know of…..but it is a big state maybe there are more that I haven’t come across.

There is my shout our to Local Fiber Folks!….keep up the good work!

Wyoming Sheep, found on Mountain Meadow Wool site

Excused Excuses…..

13 Aug

Hello August and re-opened Etsy Shop! 

Knitting away on those mittens, and of course the second I give myself a deadline all hell breaks loose that I don’t have time to get it done. ¬†I am at the thumb¬†gusset of the second mitten and it looks promising that it will get finished soon *knock on wood* ¬†Here is mitten #1¬†



What has gotten me so behind on this is a combination of work, and house work. ¬†For those who don’t know, by day I am a legal assistant for a firm of Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Attorneys, and though I often have a lot of down time at work, it isn’t time I can spend knitting, but I do spend a lot of time look at knitting patterns and sometimes buying yarn that I most likely can not afford. ¬†But recently there must have been a surge of criminal activity because we got pretty busy there for awhile, and then there were some other things within my work environment that just made work very hectic, but I think things have calmed down and I am less flustered when I get home. ¬†

Speaking of home, however, since it is August and Fall and Winter are right around the corner for Wyoming, there is a lot of outdoor house work that is being done, most of which the hubby and I got behind on due to our various road trips out of town.  So last week, weekend, and the week to come, it has been a lot of building, trimming, wasp killing, and all around yard clean up at our house.  With all of this going on I admit that some times I am just too burnt out to knit. 

I feel like this blog has really become a place where I am explaining and apologizing for the reasons I am not on schedule with my goals and deadlines *sigh* Thanks to all my knit friends that put up with it, I am planning a more focused effort to be positive positive positive….

Flying off the needles

24 Jul

I can’t believe it has been over a month since my last post (which is apparently missing pictures, I will fix that soon). ¬†I have been swallowed up by the summer this past month with trips to amazing concerts and trying to finally finish up things that were on my needles. ¬†Luckily I got some things cast off:

My Step-Dad’s Hunting Socks!

These were meant to be gifted for Father’s Day, and I did get one done, the second one took awhile due to other things going on, and then I got to the toe and ran out of yarn. ¬†But they are done now and he will be seeing them very soon. ¬†I am thankful that he is a patient man, and I hope they fit and that he wears them so much he needs a new pair every year ūüôā

Stuffed Giraffe:

I took the Not-So-Itty-Bitty Giraffe class at to help me get the courage to knit a toy.  It was quite the process, but I love him and look forward to knitting more toys.  My next toy will be for my dog though, she eye balled this guy the whole time I was making him and wanted me to throw him for her.


finished front

waiting to get finished

pinning on the spots

Finished Back


Baby Vertebrae Cradi:

I made the girl version of this great quick cardi for my cousin’s little girl that is due in August, and I loved it so much I decided that not only would I make another, but I would make one to sell at my etsy shop when I finally reopen it. ¬†I really wanted to have more new items for the shop come August 1st, but my project time¬†management¬†didn’t go so well. ¬†Fingers crossed that I will have some new mittens for sale in the near future as well.


I think that about covers it for what I have been doing in my knitting life.  Hopefully it will be less than a month before everyone hears from me again.

The shop is still reopening August 1st, 2012. ¬†ūüôā