New Skills

6 Nov

I have been busily learning new things in knitting that has re-energized me and motivated me into knit like there was no tomorrow.  I didn’t realize how much of a knitting rut, or the knitters equivalent to writer’s block  I was experiencing until I got my fire back.  What started it was signing up to take a Christmas Stocking class so that I could learn stranded color work.  I have been mostly YouTube taught, but this was a particular skill that I decided having a physical instructor there would greatly benefit me.  After spending about $86.00 on the class fee and supplies (WAY too high in my opinion) I have made incredible progress.  

I am currently working on the heel and will be completely finished November 18th (the last day of class) I am glad that I went with some non-traditional colors and have learned alot…..and am utterly in love with colorwork!

Love of Colorwork + Ravelry+ Credit Card= TROUBLE

I have purchased a couple of knitting colorwork books: 1000 Great Knitting Motifs by Luise Roberts and Alice Staremore’s Charts for Color Knitting.  The former of these were used in our class, for all but my Reindeer,  I found it on e-bay for $4.  The later another woman in the class was using and I fell in love so I bought it with a yarn order on  I haven’t received them yet, so can’t really give a decent review, never having done a legit book review maybe I will give it a shot.

In addition to adding to my library… I of course have planned out future projects.  I might have mentioned these a time or two but these patterns are moved up on my To-Knit list:

Mini Christmas stockings to put in my X-mas Cards to close family and friends this year and….

Argyle Knee-High Socks

I am loving my new skill and am feeling very much like a knitting rockstar these days.  And to top it off I have a couple of potential knitting custom orders that I am looking forward to creating as well and I am feeling more than ready to tackle it all!!!


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