Trip to the Alpaca Ranch

24 Sep


Went to a local Alpaca Ranch with my mother (who snapped the above picture of me) and my knitting friend Michelle on Saturday.  The Ranch is called Sungate Alpaca Ranch and is just a few miles out of town they were having an “Open Ranch” to allow the community to come out and check out, and learning about,  their Alpaca.  They were amazing about teaching everyone about what it means to raise alpaca, so good  in fact that my mother is thinking she wants to get a couple for herself (which is FINE by me).

While there we enjoyed some Alpaca-shaped sugar cookies, made a little alpaca magnet, and shopped in their amazing little store 🙂 I am so glad that we went it was a great experience, nothing like getting up close and personal with the source of some great fiber

Here are some of the pictures that I snapped of the fun guys (I am pretty sure all these are of the males, they were more fun)

Sovak (sp?) was told that he was named after Spock’s father.


I think this one is Gunsmoke I bought some of his fiber, and the gray one in the back is Max, their only gray, I bought a skein of his fiber as well

They kept calling this guy “Don”…he likes to give kisses

very close, and not so great picture of Gunsmoke, he was looking for some food

This multi-colored fellow is Carlos


Here is the fiber that I bought, (from left to right) Roxy Hart, Maximo “Max”, and Gunsmoke



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