Excused Excuses…..

13 Aug

Hello August and re-opened Etsy Shop! 

Knitting away on those mittens, and of course the second I give myself a deadline all hell breaks loose that I don’t have time to get it done.  I am at the thumb gusset of the second mitten and it looks promising that it will get finished soon *knock on wood*  Here is mitten #1 



What has gotten me so behind on this is a combination of work, and house work.  For those who don’t know, by day I am a legal assistant for a firm of Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Attorneys, and though I often have a lot of down time at work, it isn’t time I can spend knitting, but I do spend a lot of time look at knitting patterns and sometimes buying yarn that I most likely can not afford.  But recently there must have been a surge of criminal activity because we got pretty busy there for awhile, and then there were some other things within my work environment that just made work very hectic, but I think things have calmed down and I am less flustered when I get home.  

Speaking of home, however, since it is August and Fall and Winter are right around the corner for Wyoming, there is a lot of outdoor house work that is being done, most of which the hubby and I got behind on due to our various road trips out of town.  So last week, weekend, and the week to come, it has been a lot of building, trimming, wasp killing, and all around yard clean up at our house.  With all of this going on I admit that some times I am just too burnt out to knit. 

I feel like this blog has really become a place where I am explaining and apologizing for the reasons I am not on schedule with my goals and deadlines *sigh* Thanks to all my knit friends that put up with it, I am planning a more focused effort to be positive positive positive….


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