When did June get here?!

7 Jun

Bought some more yarn that will eventually be made into a few items for the shop this fall.  In addition to these goodies from KnitPicks, I bought 6 skeins of Bare Wool of the Andes Bulky for some Kool-Aid Dying next weekend with some friends.  It is tough to knit in the summer I have decided, there is just so much going on to try to get everything done, so a kool-aid yarn dying party is a perfect way to play in some yarn and still enjoy friends and the beautiful weather.

I feel like I am still behind on my knitting projects but I did finish a cowl I knit from some fingering weight yarn bought at Gypsy Wool in Boulder, CO in April.  It took me about 2 months.  It is just a simple 1×1 ribbing on size 7 circs.  it turned out to be a great simple piece for when it gets colder.  I haven’t really blocked it yet but here is the “recipe”

The Pattern:    Lilac Wine

The Yarn:    Gypsy Wools Prime Alpaca (1 skein approx. 332 yards)

The Needle:   29 inch #7 circular Addi Turbos

I am also still knitting away on my lace tank using the Nyanen Tee  pattern by Cecily Glowik MacDonald.  I have gotten to the armpits and have started working the front piece flat for a few inches.  I am not very good at knitting the same project for more than a few weeks so I am trying to get over feeling burnt out on that project by fitting in smaller ones (like an Age of Brass scarf for my Mom) to try to make it a little less of a struggle.  I love the IDEA of knitting large items, but I am much more a “project knitter” I want something quick enough for me to both enjoy to process and the end result.

The current plan for new items this fall at the shop will be more baby items, small blankets, maybe some socks/booties and tiny cardis.  I am also going to strive to have a few more mittens, fingerless mitts and berets for later this year as well…. now I just have to get to knitting 🙂



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