Happy Birthday To Me!!!

3 Apr

I am happy to report that my birthday was yesterday, I am not a whopping 28 years of age.  I had an amazing birthday, my husband’s family had us over and I had a fun time putting together a Tangled puzzle with my niece and watching my nephew play Angry Birds (it is amazing how good kids are at that game).  They were awesome about the diet that I am on and made asparagus fries and fillets for dinner, they were so good!  As for the gifts my mom and my mother-in- law got me gift cards for the shopping I will be doing once I loose all the weight I am hoping to loose.  And my mom and I are going to get pedicures some time this week (which my feet desperately need).  My husband surprised me with tickets to Florence + The Machine at Red Rocks in July, and my in-laws all pitched in and got me the most amazing yarn/diaper bag I saw just the other week at a local shop, The Floral Rhino for $112.00!…here are some pictures!

The Front! It is really nice leather and the size of a messenger bag.

Front pockets are the perfect size for straights and circulars and all sorts of stuff

I can fit EVERYTHING in it, notebook, iPad, yarn, tools…etc.  The inside is a nice canvas material with a snap back to keep my yarn seperate so it won’t get tangled.


Here is the manufacture’s site for the bag if you are interesting in something similar.  I am in love!


Please ‘Like’ The Floral Rhino on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FloralRhino they have some great stuff!



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