Finished projects!

29 Mar

I happily finished the Cascade Beret I have been knitting.  I will admit that I messed up on two of the cables because I got distracted while knitting, but since I made it for myself I figured I can live with it.  It is shorter than the other berets that I knit, but I like the size better for my head then the others.  Maybe I have a smaller head than I thought hmmm…. Sorry for the blurry, bad lighting/coloring of the images I am not skilled with a camera phone, or a camera in general.

Also finished is our non-knitting home improvement project of refinishing the cabinets, we both really love how they turned out.   Here is the photo-history of our kitchen…

When we moved into our house about 2-3 years ago, the kitchen looked like this (we are not pink people) so we planned on painting it a gray color to match the speckles in the counter top…..

It turned out more blue but gray, but we liked it better all the same…..then just within the last weeks (after successfully refinishing the bathroom cabinets ) we updated the “country” looking cabinets to something more to our taste:

Now they are darker and more “modern”?  I don’t really know what classifies as modern but we like it.

Even our cat helped.  He is not the kind of cat that just climbs into things, but he decided that everything about this project must be about him, so we must have emptied and painted so that he had some place to lay and take a bath.

What next?  I will be knitting up a couple of Age of Brass Kerchiefs for an out of state friend so that will be taking up my time for awhile. I ordered the yarn from KnitPicks (surprise) and it should hopefully arrive today or tomorrow.


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