Hello Spring!

2 Mar

March has arrived and though we are still getting snow it is comforting to know that Spring is around the corner.  I am still working on the tunic I am knitting with my friend Michelle.  I put it down for awhile to take a break, I only have 4 inches on the cowl collar and then I am all done.  

I wrote before that I was a little nervous about it being a bit snug, I have found another solution to that, loosing some weight.  I have jumped on that band wagon and have decided to try the Ideal Protein program with my husband.  I am only 2 days in and am hopeful it will be a good change for us.  So in addition to knitting, you all might see posts about diets/recipes…ect as we change ourselves to a healthier life-style.

I have also started to play around with my first ever color work project to celebrate the new Mass Effect 3 video game March 6th.  It is a big deal at our house, and my husband’s favorite game, so to celebrate the game coming out, and my husband’s request for a hat, I am going to make him an N7 hat, I know that N7 is on the uniform that the main character, Commander Shepard, wears, however I am not 100% sure of it’s meaning…. at any rate, here is the first prototype:


Trust me when I say you don’t want to see the reverse, strands EVERYWHERE, which I intend to remedy, but that is why this is a test project.  Once I get going on the actual hat I will make sure to update. 


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