Weekend Knitting

20 Feb

I have recovered from the weekend and am back at work (which boggles my mind since everyone else in the profession appears to be closed, lucky dogs)  Thought I would recap my progress over the weekend.  

Saturday was Casper’s Chili Cook-off and I helped the Budweiser guys with their booth (one of the many perks of my husband working for the local whole seller).  Here is the awesome booth the husband designed and made, the theme was the 50’s. 


After surviving the chili cook off it was a lot of recovery for the rest of the day.  

Sunday, however, I made some serious knitting progress on my Tunic…. 

Here is a picture of the body before I started the Front piece….


And here is a picture of the completed Front and Body piece.  Now I just need to do the back, and the cowl neck (not 100% sure if there are sleeves, or if I want any) 


After I knit the front I was able to put it all on stitch holders and tried it on, it is a little snug so I am hoping I can block the hell out of it and that the yarn with stretch like I am expecting it too, if not, it will definitely encourage me to loose a little weight around my middle 🙂 

Not pictured is the quick slouchy hat that I made yesterday evening.  It isn’t very fashionable, but it is a great warm woolen hat after the non-stop snow we got yesterday.  


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