Knitting Books

4 Feb

I recently starting listening to this book via  I am curious about fiction books about knitting and keep hearing that this one is going to be be made into an HBO movie with Kathryn Heigl, so I thought, what the hell.  I am not too far into it, but I am already not liking the main character, she seems soooo selfish and that is making her a bad wife and daughter.  It has been driving me crazy enough that I had to just vent about it.  I think the main message of the book is that knitting heals, which I like and agree with, but the book makes it feel like the only reason to start knitting is because there has been something tragic happen to you, which I don’t agree with.  I am not very far in so we will see how the rest goes, but one thing the book has done is made me think of the reasons I knit, or others knit, or why I wish people should learn.

When I knit I enjoy how it is a focused quiet.  With all the crazy things that go on in life I think it is important to take time and internalize it, chew it over with your mind, digesting it.  This kind of internal thinking helps people find meaning in the normalcy of their lives… if that makes since.

My whole life is a routine, get up, go to work, go home, cook, clean, walk the dog…blah blah blah…. if I didn’t have knitting the craziness of life would drive me over the edge.  With knitting I find time amongst all that chaos to sit, and focus.  It is similar to counting to 10 when you are angry, except knitters say to themselves k1 p1 k1 p1, like the ticking of a clock, an internal clock, k1 p1 k1 p1, and suddenly there is just calm and quiet and in that calm thoughts from the day pop into my head, and I think them over, k1 p1 k1 p1…. see isn’t that relaxing!

It is true that knitting is therapeutic, and if something dramatic, or traumatic has happened in your life I suggest knitting, but everyone needs a calming point in their day, to relax, and ponder, and just be, so don’t wait for something bad to happen for your to decide to try knitting…. because I enjoy having happy thoughts when I knit more than the unhappy ones.  🙂


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