Still Behind…ugh

2 Feb

So I have all my February knitted items that I am ready to sell done, blocked, and laying on the guestroom bed waiting for me to take pictures and post everything to the web.  I am starting to think that deadlines aren’t my thing, so I don’t think I will be setting any for myself in the future.  Sorry to anyone out there that has read my blog and looking for these new items.  I promise once I find the time I will get them up.

What have I been doing with my time besides not getting new items listed?  mainly working, sometimes being a legal assistant leads to working extra hours and sometimes when I get home the last thing I want to do is more work.  We are also towards the end of the intense family birthday season in my family, it starts in November and ends at the end of February.  I am really hoping that when me and the hubby start our own family they are not born inside those few intense months.

I have also started knitting the tunic I told my friend Michelle I would knit with her, I am about 30 rows in when it dawned on me that Michelle is probably still on vacation and hasn’t had the chance to get started so I should really be a good knitting buddy and knit something else so she can get started 🙂  This time I skipped the gauge swatch, and I am dreading that I might regret it, but I keep telling myself it will be fine.  When looking at what size to knit it says 38 then 42, well I am a 40, so I went with the 38 knowing that every time I use the KnitPicks brand yarn it stretches after it is washed/blocked.  Even if my gauge is off it should still fit alright (fingers crossed)

Again I apologize there aren’t any pictures with my update, I am not much of a photographer to begin with 🙂 but I will try to do better.

Thanks Everyone


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