Quickie Update

23 Jan

I haven’t really had the chance to put my new knitting binder into good use, but a knitting friend of mine, Michelle, took my idea and ran with it, and OMG!  in the yarn stash section she took little Polaroids of her yarn AND wrapped a piece of yarn around the pictures and it turned out really amazing.  The thought of doing that with my own stash is so intimidating.  She is still new to knitting and so her yarn stash is still a modest little village, mine is a growing city, some skeins of which I can’t remember where I bought them or how many yards I have, so organizing and keeping them organized is a full time job.

I have been working on a few valentines cowls and am definately behind, I am hoping to have two V-day items listed on my shop this week, and have the other cowl I am still knitting listed next week.  I didn’t get any hats knitted like I wanted, but thought I should move on to thinking about St. Patty’s day green knitting projects, but I am secretly looking forward to maybe knitting some golf club covers around father’s day 🙂 I might even make some for myself.

I have also told my knitting friend Michelle I would knit the KnitPicks Burnside Tunic with her.  I just ordered the supplies.  I ended up choosing the less expensive Wool of the Andes so instead of it costing me over $100 for the supplies, it cost me about $80.  I don’t think most people realize that just because it is handmade doesn’t mean it is cheaper to make.  For me to make a $15 or $20 sweater, it typically costs between $80 to $100.  That is also the main reason I stick to smaller accessories.

No pictures this week 😦 but I wanted to at least let you all know that I am still here and knitting away.


One Response to “Quickie Update”

  1. swimchickmle January 23, 2012 at 4:43 pm #

    Yay! I am so excited to do the tunic with you! I haven’t started yet, I am trying to salvage the lace hat that I made. I am making an XO band that I will attempt to sew to the bottom of the hat to add length. Fingers crossed it works!

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