Knitting Binder

8 Jan

I have really been on this Home and Life Organization kick, so I thought I would apply it to my knitting life too,

so I decided to try my hand at keeping a knitting binder.

I started with a Peter Welsh 3-ring binder from OfficeMax, some 5-tab inserts and a 3 hole punch.

I choose this binder because (1) it was on clearance and (2) it had this amazing pocket in the back, great for knitting books!

Right now I have settled on these 5 sections of my Binder (I am still playing around with what I want, but this is it for now):

Yarn Stash

Current Projects

Future Projects

Knitting Journal


I found some great .pdf templates at  I printed her Needle Inventory and place it at the very front:

I placed her “En Queue” worksheet under my Future Project Tab,and her “Knitting Journal”/”Knitting Notes” under my Knitting Journal tab

(I printed the Journal on one side and Notes on the back)

That is what I have so far.  I am still working on how to organize my Yarn Stash tab, I do have a couple of ideas.  I could just have a worksheet that I fill out.  But I really like the idea of yarn cards where I attach a strand of the yarn to remind me what I have.  Here are a couple that I found online I was thinking about trying:

This one I found at PrairieGarden’s Etsy Shop


I am hoping to design my own .pdf’s once I decide what I like and what works for me.  Ideally I am hoping to be able to sell the complete .pdf set on my shop, but that is a while down the road.  But I will keep you all posted 🙂


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