Online Inspiration

9 Dec

If you are a knitter, you go into a store and look at knitted things and say to yourself  “I could make that”.  Well I have started to do that.   One source of my inspiration is Pinterest, if you haven’t looked at it, check it out, it is wildly addicting.  Also, Polyvore (which I discovered thanks to Pinterest) has been a great source of knitting inspiration.

One of the knitted gifts I am working on was inspired from an online scarf I found on Roxy:

The scarf is pink and sequenced for a 5 year old girl who LOVES anything sparkly and Katy Perry (pictures will be posted eventually)  It is a very simple twin  cable pattern but after trying so many cabled patterns I saw this one online and decided I would do that.

Here is how my journey of internet inspiration generally goes

This scarf: 

Found from this Polyvore post that I found on Pinterest:

Teal and Grey
Lead me to this Cowl….
Rubbish scarve

Rubbish scarve (see more cable knit scarves)

Which made me want to knit something with these:

I love it when my internet browsing ultimately lands me in my yarn stash 🙂


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