The Little Things….

2 Nov

I have been feeling very organized, productive and crafty within the last week, and when those things combine I become a very annoying wife I am sure.  I have adopted a couple new generic wife-y things, meal plans and 15 minutes of house hold cleaning a day (both of which my husband is assigned to participate in).

I am offically over organizing everything…this is not limited to my yarn stash:

I love the perfect little yarn cakes! I surprised even myself that I didn’t decide to coordinate them by fiber content and color.

I think this sudden urge to clean, organize, plan and create is my way of “winter nesting”  We got our first real snow yesterday and I know that it is time to make our house cozy for the Wyoming winter to come, since we will ultimately be spending a lot of time indoors.

I also have been in a bit of a knitting slump, I am in between projects and have no idea what to make next (this happens every time!!).  While I have been pondering it, I have knit 2 headbands, 4 baby hats, a pair of slippers, and a washcloth.

I am also going out of town to Dallas, TX Saturday and have been racking my brain with what to knit while traveling.  I have never knit on a plane before so this could be a first for me.   I have thought about a simple hat, scarf, or socks, but just can’t make up my mind….. in the mean time I am trying to burn through my stash.

I have also decided to do a little side crafting as well…hand made wine label coasters!

I got this idea from, if you have never checked this site out, I highly recommend it, sooooo addicting, worse than my addiction at the moment 🙂 






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