Venturing into Teaching…

25 Oct

2 weeks since my last post already?!  Time is just flying by and there is not a lot of new ventures in my knitting life.  I have been enjoying teaching a couple of lady friends how to knit, one of which is left handed, so that has been an adventure and a challenge at time.  I think they are starting to see the benefits of the craft though I am not sure they are going to become obsessed like some of us :).   Teaching knitting has taken me back a couple of years ago when I started to learn and then look at how far I have come.  If anyone is thinking about teaching, I recommend these patterns from


They are knit flat, small, and you can play around with teaching different stitch patterns as well as gauge it doesn’t get any better than that.  Here are a couple of good ones online, but the skies the limit with these guys :):


The second project I taught the ladies to introduce increases and decreases was a simple flowered headband.  Though we will also need to tackle some crocheting techniques, this is a fun project so they can visually see how the stitches slant and it is small enough for instant gradification
Next on my list of things to Teach….

Circular knitting.

I am thinking about showing them a simple ribbed baby hat (especially since one just had her second little boy), but I can not decide if circular needles are better or if DPNs would work.  I personally like DPNs and think they illustrate the concept of circular knitting better than circular needles do, but I will just have to see where the road takes us 🙂



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