A Thought about Christmas Knitting

16 Sep

It is usually about this time that I start organizing my game plan for Christmas knitting gifts for friends and family.  And if you have ever knitted Christmas gifts you too probably realize the importance of a game plan.  On top of Christmas gifts I have a hand full of orders I am working on and two personal knitting projects that I can show off this winter (especially at the company Christmas party).

Here is what I have learned about Christmas knitting in my short knitting career:

Keep it small.

I know it is kind of a no brainer, but wouldn’t we all love to gift a beautiful blanket or sweater for our loved ones?  But when you are knitting for several people it is better to stick with socks, mittens, hats…. or better yet household items like wash cloths or hot bottle covers (I for one don’t know a single person that owns one of these, but maybe you do).  I would say if it takes more than 3 skeins, save it for another occasion.

The exception to this is of course if you have been working on the large project for months already and know you will get it done in time.  Or if someone has been asking for a sweater or cardigan for years by all means knit it for them (hopefully you started this months ago).

 Not everyone is a hand-made fan.

You don’t have to knit something for everyone.  Just because you love the wonderful world of knitting , doesn’t mean everyone does (I know, they are crazy not to, but to each their own).  And the last thing we want is to see a precious knitted item you slaved over, thrown into the closet or *gasp* a garage sale.

I have also found it extremely helpful to keep a calendar of projects with a projected time it will take to finish.  I use google calendar for mine, and it is great at keeping me on task and I can keep it on my phone and access it anywhere.


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