Some Fun Things

22 Jul

I am still busily knitting away on the baby blanket, getting closer and closer to the finish, but really ready to knit something new, which is just making me more determined to knit fast.  Instead of boring you all with pictures of the blanket (it is pretty much the same as when you last saw it) I thought I would post some fun riddles and a crossword to pass the time.

Riddle 1:

A family lived in a round house. There was a father, chef, grandma, grandpa, and three kids. They heard the children scream.The father and chef said they were in the kitchen using sharp knives, the grandpa said he was reading the newswpaper, and the grandma said she was in the corner knitting. Who killed the children?

Riddle 2:

I’m knitted with love, hatred, passion, depression, gifted, feelings, sober and colors. My seams rip easily, so don’t breathe on me too hard. When drenched in rum, like I’m usually am I laugh and excite and clap, but when ticked off I make you bounce away and release sweat glands. I live in a darkened shed ordered by neighbors to stay silent and just flow with my stream, what am I?

Knitting Crossword


2. Knitting in the round needle type.
4. Type of wood needles.
7. Compactly twisted woolen yarn.
9. A prefect first project.
14. CC
15. Joining two knitted pieces.
17. As if to purl.
18. Used for socks.
19. Adds embellishment.
20. Shaping.
24. MC
25. Produces a rough texture fabric.
26. As if to knit.
28. A blanket.
29. A requirement for felting.


1. WS
3. Like rows but in circular.
5. Treated to prevent felting.
6. Unusual yarn.
7. It makes for easy felting.
8. Knitting group.
10. RS
11. Instructions.
12. Knit all rows.
13. Hot water and agitation.
14. Summer yarn.
16. Another term for felting.
21. Not commercial yarn.
22. Starting a new skein.
23. After a knitting mistake.
27. Needs a special needle.

(crossword from, unfortunately I do not have the answers)

Riddle 1 Answer:  The Gramdma, she says she was sitting in the corner, but there are no corners in a round house.

Riddle 2 Answer: Your Heart


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