A Daunting Future Project :/

1 Jul

One thing I love about a quarterly bonus where I work is taking a little bit of it to buy some yarn.  Even though I have been trying to stop shopping so much at knitpicks.com, I can’t help it some times, they have great prices and you get some good stuff.

This quarter I went looking for some yarn for two hopeful future projects:

Project 1:  Garterrific by Alexandra Tinsley


This is a simple triangle scarf with very cute tassels. I was once again inspired by my fellow knitter at Sereknitty and Purls.

After going through my stash I don’t believe I had enough heavy worsted yarn that wasn’t already assigned a project to use for this so I bought this in a beautiful blue.

Project 2:  (My first knitting clothing item) Sequoia by Alegria DaSilva

I have never attempted an article of clothing so this is a pretty scary project to even just be thinking about, I might jump in and get in over my head, but reading through the pattern, I have some hope that I can manage, and if I get stuck there is always YouTube and local knitters I can go crying too for help.

The Yarn: KnitPicks Cadena Yarn in Seraphim

I really liked this color, and thought this yarn was the least expensive yarn I could find that matched the qualities in the pattern.  I am planning on doing a few things in hopes of making this thing fit, taking my measurements, then measuring one of my favorite sweaters with the hopes of shooting for that size (I heard that method works but we will see).  I will also have to be on gauge, and knitting gauge swatches drives me crazy, but gauge exists for a reason.

Nothing is on my needles yet, so don’t get too excited.  I am still finishing up the baby blanket I have been working on, planning on doing a lot more knitting over the 4th of July weekend, I will likely post pictures of my progress to my FaceBook page .  So stay tuned.

I also need to find the time to knit up one of those cute owls I blogged about before. So many project ideas so little time.  Yup I am definitely a project knitter with a terminal case of startitus.


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