Blankets, Owls, and Knitting Zen

23 Jun

Everyone around me seems to be popping out babies these days! I guess I am at that age where everyone is settling down and starting familes, which means knitting baby things.  I have crocheted many baby blankets in the past but have never attempted a knitted one, mainly because crocheting goes much quicker.  I know if I crocheted a blanket  it would only take me a week , knitting, it is looking more like 3 to 4 weeks.  In order for me to get over the long amount of time it will take me to complete the project (compared to the small projects I am use to) I have tried to alter my knitting frame of mind to enjoy the process more, and not just sprint for the finish line.

The great thing about just knitting to knit is that after a few minutes of knitting you enter this knitter’s meditative state of mind, it is suddenly just you and the repetitive knitting and purling, knitting and purling, turning chaos into order, nothing into something.  This is why I think so many find knitting therapeutic, it is complex in it’s simplicity, just two stitches but the sky is the limit with what you can create.

The nice weather we have been getting, and a good audio books (currently listening to Book 3 of The Hunger Games Trilogy) has helped me just kick back and  knit.

Knitting on my Deck:

Thanks to my sister, I have also been considering knitting up my first ever toy, these adorable owls from Knit Simple Magazine Holiday 2010 Edition.


I think they will make a cute combo for a baby gift, the more I see of these cute little owls and owls like them, I am starting to consider them one of my favorite animals.

Another projects started and scattered around my house at the moment include a simple coffee cozy by my bed, and this ribbed bias scarf from Vogue Knitting  Spring/Summer 2011 Edition in an off-white color sitting in our basement (knitted while watching my husband play video games).  The blanket travels with me between living room and deck.   I sort of love that I am slowly assigning a knitting project to every room of my home.



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