Sweater Muses

5 May

I have never knitted a sweater but have been entertaining the idea.  Sweaters are such a large under taking, and I have been known to just walk away from projects half finished, like the knitted clutch that is still sitting on my kitchen table with only the sewing of the lining left to do.  I mainly blame work and getting sick to my lack of knitting, but I also think that every once in awhile I need to step away from knitting for a few days so that it doesn’t start feeling like work to me.

I was browsing ravelry.com the other night and came across a few sweaters that really make me want to attempt a sweater some day.

Here are my sweater muses:

Sweater 1: Corona

Sweater 2: Snow Valley

Sweater 3: Aventurine:

And if you are interested any further thoughts and ideas regarding muses and knitting check out Brenda Dayne’s Podcast: Cast-on.  Though it has been on for several years now, I have only made it to the second series, Episodes 18 through 28 are about the different Greek Mythological muses and how they pertain to knitting (among other topics).  It is such a fun pod cast, and even though I am only in 2006, I am looking forward to listening up to date.  Go check it out though: http://cast-on.com.

I have not decided yet which muse is my favorite, but once I decide I will be sure to share.


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