iPad and Knitting

29 Mar

I am fortunate enough to be the happy owner if an Apple iPad (and by the end of the month an Apple iPhone) I love using it to help me along my knitting journey.


Being a fan of talk radio I really love the idea of listening to knitting Podcasts. I started listening to the KnitPicks podcast while on a road trip and it really helped make the trip go quick, and I learned a lot about knitting fibers and history along the way.  The downside to this podcast though is that it is brand specific, and sometimes the soundtrack with the barking dog can be a bit much.

I started listening to the Cast-On Podcast this weekend and I AM IN LOVE!!! I love how it how a poetic feel to it and that on iTunes it is listed under the Philosophy category.  This podcast started in 2005, which means I have a lot of catching up to do, but I know I am going to love doing it, I can not recommend this pod cast enough.

If anyone out there knows of another good podcast let me know I would love to check it out!

Audio Books

Knitting has really cut into my reading time, so I am so thankful for audio books.  I recently bought At Knit’s End Meditations for Women who Knit Too Much By Stephanie Peal-McPhee on audio book and really have enjoyed listening to it.  It does read more like a coffee table book with the short stories and quotes, but I love it is something I could listen to over and over and enjoy it every time.


I haven’t bought a lot of Apps for knitting, I am worried about spending the money then not liking the App, wish I could try it before I buy it.

I do have pdf-notes (free) which is GREAT for pdf patterns.  It has the feature to high light and make notes as you go, great way to keep your place in patterns.

I am curious about the Ewe Stash (2.99) because it is a yarn stash organizer.

I also have the Vogue Knitting Magazine app and bought the Spring/Summer issue to try it out, there is a video feature that allows you to view every pattern on a model who shows you what the item looks like from every angle.  I love the interactiveness of magazines on the iPad.

Let me know if you know of any good Apps, or knitting audio books I could download.  Or just let me know how you are using new technology with you knitting 🙂


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