Indecisive knitting

22 Mar

>I Am a Project Knitter With a Bad Case of Knitting ADD

One of my most favorite things about knitting is that no two people knit alike.  Whether it be how you hold your needles, or just what part of the knitting process you are in love with, no one is exactly the same.  I have discovered that I am definitely a “project knitter”, meaning I knit to finish projects, that is why knitting accessories is my favorite thing to do right now, instant gratification.  I wish I could be someone that just enjoys the process of knitting, someone who knits just to knit, but the thought of taking months to complete a big project, like a sweater, is so overwhelming that I can’t get past it to just cast on and enjoy it.

Another aspect that gives me some problems is what Stephanie Pearl-McPhee calls “Startitis”, I am constantly seeing new projects that I want to start that I struggle with finishing the old projects.  This ultimately leaves me with a pile of started projects that I ultimately tear out weeks, or even months, down the road.  That is why I am thankful for my Google calendar to keep me on track and reminded me of the projects that need finishing before beginning anything new.

I Have Been Knitting Wrong This Whole Time!!!

One thing that I have recently learned is I haven’t been knitting correct over the past year was my knit stitch.  When I taught myself how to knit, I was able to grasp the difference between knit and purl by remembering they were exact opposites of each other, to me that meant purl in the front, knit in the back, so this whole time I have been knitting through the back of the loop.

This method is not always incorrect, what it does is causes the stitch to be twisted.  So now I have been trying to kick the habit and knit correctly from the front of the loop, a year long habit is hard to break.

New and Almost “Frogged” Projects: 

Right now I have put down my triangle scarf, I am not sure I like how the bulky yarn is taking to the pattern, I am also not a huge fan of the double decrease that it calls for.

I am thinking I might try crocheting one first, like this pattern from   

I have also started a lacy beret/beanie that is going pretty quick, but I am not finding it near at satisfying as I had hoped.
Completed Projects!
In good news, I finished, and gifted, the Green Baroness Beret I knitted.  
And am looking forward to seeing some of my knitted projects in amazing photographs by Jen Hebert Photography in the future! 
So I don’t have near as many unfinished projects as I thought. 

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