I don’t Blog Near Enough!

17 Mar

>I don’t post on my blog near enough!  I guess that is the price you pay when juggling hobbies, work, and a personal life.  If anyone has any tips or tricks to mastering this juggling act I would love to hear it!

What have I been doing the past 3 months?  Working mostly.  I am still really new to the world of legal assisting, and without any education in the field I am often left to learn on the fly.  I feel I have come a very long way since my first day in August, but the legal system never fails to surprise me most days.  I have also learned that the work comes in waves, either I am really busy or I have a lot of down time (today is one of those slow days).

I struggle with finding time for both knitting, reading, and family in my down time.  I have made many adjustments, like audio books and conquering my nerves of knitting in public.

At Knit’s End: Meditation for Women Who Knit Too Much By Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

I feel so many still view knitting at an “old lady hobby” and I often get embarrassed when telling people I knit.  When I do tell people I knit I am sure they picture one of two images; one, a house that smells of potpourri over run with cats and hand made quilts and afghans everywhere, or two, a retro, edgy house decorated 50’s vintage, and me with dyed hair and at least one facial piercing. Though I have nothing against anyone who fits those descriptions, I am neither.

My house is an average 70’s bi-level home that I live at with my husband, one dog and one over-sized six toed cat.  My husband works for the local Budweiser distributer and has successfully installed 3 different draft lines in the fridge in our garage (I am so proud).  Though we live in Wyoming, we don’t hunt, fish, own ATV’s, or listen to county music. And we are not very Conservative in our political views which doesn’t usually sit well with the locals ;).

Though I enjoy reading, I don’t always have my head in a book (and I am not a fan of Nicholas Sparks, Jodi Picoult or Stephanie Meyers, sorry) I joined a book club mainly for the conversation and the wine. I think I am a very typical married woman in her 20’s and kind of just stumbled upon knitting and feel in love with it.

The knitting community is so large and I am still struggle with my knitting identity, especially in Wyoming. I yearn for a group of young like-minded women to share my knitting life with.

I am lucky to have a large group of people that have been supportive and curious about the craft.  It amazes me how many women my age would love to learn how to knit but never do.


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