Road Trip Project

16 Aug

>Monday has arrived and I am packing for a quick road trip to Salt Lake City, UT to see Dave Matthews Band in concert. This will officially be the first time I have taken knitting on a trip with me. I have been working on this beautiful scarf from a pattern I found at  

 The one I am knitting is out of a heavier acrylic yarn, Caron Simply Soft in Light Country Peach.

You can keep up with my progress with this project on by going here, 

The yarn is 100% acrylic, and very inexpensive, but I love that is is machine washable and dryable, as well as has a very soft and silky feel to it. Ideally I enjoying working with natural materials, but I was recently laid off and I have been going for the cheap stuff, but I will not touch Red Heart with a 10 foot pole, it is just too scratchy, and quite honestly, feels cheap.
I love how feminine this color  and pattern is, I am hoping to complete it today on our 6 hour road trip and get a chance to start a matching beret from another pattern found on ravelry.

I have made this beret twice now and am in love with it! It was the first beret and circular knitting project I ever took on. I am looking forward to making many for of these and listing them at the shop. My favorite part has to be the tubular cast one. I had never done one before my first beret and it was like a foriegn language when I read the pattern over the first time. Thank God I found a great little You Tube video and an online tutorial to help me out.

This video is great, I had a hard time seeing what she was going, I kept wishing I could zoom in to get a better idea. That is where this link came in handy.

I am in love with this cast on, it is fun, easy to learn, and the end result looks AMAZING! I love that it makes whatever you are knitting feel like it has elastic in it, when it does not. I had fun doing this cast on when I made the beret, but it was also my first project working in a round. I was going to use circular knitting needles, but opted for DPN (double pointed needles) instead because of all the decreasing, as of right now I perfer the DPNs, but that could change as I do more projects.

Pictures of my first beret:

I really want to finally make mittens and socks, but that is a project for another day.

For now it is the open road and scarf making 🙂 Looking forward to sharing the finished project

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