16 Aug

>For my first blog I should probably introduce myself to those who don’t know me. My name is Sabrina, but my friends and family call me Bina. That name came about because my niece, who is now four, couldn’t say my full name when she started talking, it came out ‘Bina’ (pronounced bean ah) instead of Sabrina. From that day forward those closest to be call me Bina, it was even embroidered onto my Christmas stocking by my mother in law, a couple years before I was ever even engaged. I was recently married (June 26th 2010) changing my last initial to ‘T’, and just like that Bina T. was born.

Mr. and Mrs. Bina T.
June 26th 2010
taken by the amazing Jen Hebert in Casper Wyoming

I started knitting at the beginning of this year as something to pass the time. I had been crocheting for many years having learned as a young girl. I have been blessed to have been raised in a crafty family with strong woman. I only have one sibling by older sister Amanda. Growing up it was mainly just her, my mother, and me since my dad worked in the oil field over seas and was rarely home. I had always wanted to learn to knit, but the idea was always very intimidating.
My mind could not wrap itself around the idea of moving from a single hook to working two needles at the same time. Thank God for YouTube and the surplus of tutorials online. I welcomed the challenge and am continuing to learn different methods and skills every day.
I look forward to not only blogging about my etsy shop, and new items and deals as they happen, but about my journey with learning new knitting skills I hope that it isn’t too boring and that those of you that stop by might learn a thing or two along the way.

Thanks, and nice to meet you

~Bina T. Knits~

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